Anahita's Story

Strong. Smart. Beautiful.

Being raised in a foreign country, I grew up around cultural expectations of what to wear and how to wear it. When I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2014, it meant leaving everything that I had ever known, and the only language and culture that I had ever known, and having the opportunity to pursue everything that I had ever believed in. I immediately knew the direction I wanted to take. I wanted to experience the freedom of wearing what I wanted to wear, how I wanted to wear it, and sharing my ideas and creativity with other people, especially those who may have had similar experiences or shared my same desire to feel comfortable in their clothing as an extension of their own skin. I started studying fashion so I could express my feelings and new unleashed ambitions through my designs.

Joining Tonic Active in 2017 was another turning point in my life and gave me a chance to convey my true feelings of being independent and living a life without boundaries. Strong, smart, beautiful woman that could be comfortable in what they were wearing, wherever and however they wanted to wear it. Working my way up from Pattern Drafter to Creative Director, my goal is to continue to share my passion and experiences through our designs with the hope of giving courage to all people to express and enjoy themselves in a way that they feel that anything is possible.

Nothing feels like Tonic Active.

Anahita F.M
Creative Director