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engineer, yogi, tea lover

Cam Lee

I found my love for yoga after taking a fall while rock climbing, leaving me with a broken leg. While recuperating from my injury, I discovered a new perspective and insight from yoga, as it helped me regain confidence in my body and peace of mind. My background as an engineer continues to shape my approach to inspiring others, and I love to inspire others by helping them incorporate yoga into their healthy lifestyle. When not talking about yoga, I'm usually camping or drinking large mugs of tea. 

I love wearing Tonic on and off the mat! I try to focus on filling my wardrobe with multipurpose pieces. This makes it easy when going from the gym to an evening out with friends. Tonic is perfect for my lifestyle, whether it's teaching, practicing, climbing, hiking or lounging.  Also did I mention they are local? Everything is made in Canada! 

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