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Danielle Nickerson

My fitness journey began when I was a kid. My parents were always playing tennis together and I wanted to play with them. I started taking lessons when I was 10 years old and haven’t stopped playing since. Once I got to college I decided to take tennis to the next level and start teaching to young kids who shared the same enthusiasm for tennis I did as a kid. I have been at Red Bug Lake Park for six years now and have worked my way up the ranks from an Assistant Pro to the Junior Development Director. My favorite class that I teach is my Adult Cardio Tennis class.

This year I discovered acro yoga and have been obsessed ever since. I enjoy the challenge of trying new things,  pushing myself to new levels, and meeting new people. Yoga is an activity where there is always room for improvement, and who doesn’t love wearing yoga pants?!

Tonic Active is a company that not only has great quality products, but understands all the different aspects of my day-to-day fitness life.  A typical day for me could be teaching tennis in the morning, hitting the gym in the afternoon, then acro yoga with friends by night.  The bras from Tonic are perfect for my everyday life because they transition perfectly from being on the court teaching to learning new acro yoga flows with friends. The dresses are great for tennis matches in the Florida heat because the light fabric wicks away moisture and the mesh details provide breathability and style. I like to be active but I like to look good while doing it, and Tonic fits in perfectly with my active lifestyle and fashion sense.

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