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traveller, editor, fashion lover

Freya Boulakbeche

I am thrilled to have joined the Tonic Active Tribe as an ambassador! This experience, which serendipitously arrived in my life, represents an affirmation of the power of positive thought. It is a confirmation of the daily joy of life when life is lead from the heart. Tonic represents to me all the wonderful aspects of community, responsible manufacturing, quality over quantity in purchasing and adventure.

Most of my youth was spent traveling the United States competing in soccer tournaments. Skinned knees, shin-guard tans, sore muscles and deep friendships constitute the foundation of my love of unbound physical expression. After many years, soul-searching and a move to Europe for love, the time came to leave the competition behind.

Soccer left a hole; one that was no longer fixable with competition. By chance, I discovered yoga in the form of VHS Wai Lana Yoga. Yoga devoured me and I regaled in how “hard” it was, despite my intense athletic background. In the years, studios, teachers, self-practice in following true non-judgemental discovery, Freya decided this:

“Practicing yoga makes the practice of practicing anything more practicable.”

Today, my life requires juggling many industries and roles as I navigate life with the newfound sense of freedom yoga revealed. I founded and run a digital publication, Nourrir Magazine, focused on empowering women through insightful storytelling.For me Nourrir is a safe place where I can express the world as I want it to be, today. Check us out and sign up at or FaceBook under Nourrir Magazine.

While the magazine focuses on women living their lives as they choose. My other love, fashion, is the heart of Freya Style: a boutique consultancy believes that Style is from the Soul. Style isn’t a trend you can follow, style is the outer reflection of the inner compass. I style fashion shoots, individuals and non-profit projects with the inner vision at the center.

My greatest desire though is that my son can learn from my example that he can do anything he wants in his life. Words spoken almost everyday at my home are, “nothing is truly impossible, everything is only a matter of time, effort and belief.” A few months ago, being a Brand Ambassador to Tonic Active, a company that aligns with so many of my personal beliefs would have seemed completely improbable. And, yet, here I am, embarking on a new journey to share with you, the Tonic Fans, wearers and adventurers.

This is about the journey, the process, not the “perfection”. Follow along as I will share my rawness, joys and obstacles. I would love you to reach out, engage and dialogue with me as she opens up my world. Find me on FaceBook and out traveling with world in my Tonic Threads! 

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