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Gabriela Dabrowski

It was the summer when Gabriela was seven and she and her friend went to a nearby park and began to play. He was a few years older than her but Gaby could keep up pretty well. Her parents saw her a playing a couple weeks after that and decided to put her in lessons in the fall. The rest is history! 

In 2017, Gaby is looking forward to playing the biggest tournaments in doubles the world has to offer. She's also working on her singles game as she's always working to improve her matches.

She loves that Tonic Active is socially responsible. Gaby is proud to represent a company who's clothes are made ethically and locally.

"My favourite Tonic pieces to wear are the lifestyle and yoga pieces. They have the best fabrics, are very comfortable, and, at the same time, look great. I always get compliments when I wear them!" She's turning heads on and off the court!

She's recently taken a liking to camping having never been before her last off season and now she has this itch to go as often as she can. On a daily basis, Gaby loves to read, binge watch TV, and discover new music online. 

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