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Hannah Haller

I've moved every three to six months for the last eight years and counting. Most of that time spent abroad, I was able to study and train with some of the most influential yogis in the business today, and continue my education through immersions, conferences, workshops, and intensives.  

After studying under Ana Forrest, in Cape Town, South Africa, in early 2013, I went on to be a private yoga instructor on super yachts out of France and Spain. More training took me to Fiji to study under the School Yoga Institute curriculum. I landed with Forrest again in Sydney, Australia in 2014. I started practicing AcroYoga alongside Justin Caruso in '15 while living in Medellin, Colombia and decided it pulled at my heart strings enough to move back to the states in order to be fully immersed in training with the best. 

A solar immersion with Jason Nemer, a TT under Daniel Scott, and rigorous circus training under Jean-Luc at San Diego's Circus center, I always subject myself to training and ongoing education to be the best, most informed instructor/practitioner I can be. 

Currently based in Ocean Beach, San Diego, I work closely with Core Power Yoga on furthering my training while taking on private lessons, Skype classes, and building my following on Instagram through videos and pictures of my own practice. 

My fun approach to yoga keeps everyone smiling while maintaining a focus on slow strengthening movement coupled with intention and breath. I hope to bring together my knowledge of Yoga and Acroyoga to provide a retreat center in the future. 

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