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Kate Bialowas

I can’t remember a time where fitness wasn’t a major part of my life. As sports-lovers themselves, my parents threw me into every sport imaginable, until I finally took a different path and found my passion for dance. I danced competitively for five years, and over ten years in total. There’s something so emotional, raw and powerful about dance that’s hard to find in anything else. It was after University that I changed directions and fell in love with yoga. Yoga (hot yoga in particular) keeps me strong, healthy, and sane. I’ve benefited from both the physical and mental aspects of my practice and am continually looking for ways to better it.

One of the most effective ways you can better your practice is wearing athletic gear that benefits your body and workout, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to be a Tonic ambassador. Not only am I psyched that all Tonic products are ethically and locally made in Vancouver, but the fabrics are breathable, durable and extremely wearable - what more can you ask for? My two favourite pieces are the Cupid Bra and Flame Legging. They fit perfectly to your body and move with it throughout your workout whether you run, cycle, dance, or practice yoga. They’re also perfect for lounging in off the mat!

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