Katrina Surdi

yogi, preschool teacher, motivator

Katrina Surdi

I grew up in the cozy suburbs of Seattle, Washington. As a child I didn’t get the opportunity to be involved in many sports. I did a few years of softball and track but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I fell deeply in love with health and fitness. I always felt the need to be active, even though I didn’t yet realize how much a part of life it would become. I am a preschool teacher by day, during the school year and a fitness instructor by night in the summer. I became a certified spin instructor in 2012, after taking a year of classes and having such a blast with it. I loved the energy the instructor radiated during class and the loving advice she would inspire me with afterwards. I wanted to be like that. I wanted to inspire others to push themselves and love themselves. I later found an online fitness group that allowed me to extend that inspirational ripple effect, called Tone It Up. It’s all about empowering women and helping one another on our fitness goals, no matter where we are in life. This is where my fitness journey manifested into what it is today.

I have been married to my prince charming since 2011 and we are parents to my teenage niece and nephew. My husband was left quadriplegic ten years ago in a motorcycle accident, rendering him wheelchair bound. Naturally, I am a born caregiver and really love taking care of him and our two teens (and golden retriever!).
We love to vacation to Maui each year, where we get to snorkel with sea turtles, surf on the waves and sunbath in paradise. When we are at home we enjoy watching James Bond – Style action movies, act like goofy tourists in Seattle and go on exciting family Froyo excursions.

My hobbies that I enjoy on my own include reading books about sappy love birds, creating my own version of artistic masterpieces, baking up healthy goodies, and a lot fitness. I love helping others on their fitness journey, leading group fitness classes, getting bendy in yoga and getting that runner’s high every few days.

I recently have taken on long distance running. I’ve been rigorously training for the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon this August. I’ve learned to push myself past my limits and I feel like that’s the same expectation with Tonic clothing. Tonic clothing goes past my expectations and limits of other workout gear. The fabric they use is high quality, eco-friendly (because we all love or planet Earth!), lightweight yet very durable; and may I add, the cutest styles and colors I have ever seen for workout clothes! I basically live in my workout gear, whether at the gym, yoga studio, around the house and getting errands done. I love that Tonic is versatile for all activities I’m involved in. I’m a busy wife, mom/aunt and need clothes that will make me feel strong, smart and beautiful; exactly what Tonic promises.