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Lauren Robertstad

Yoga for me is more of a force than a practice. Before I found Yoga, I lived at a speed of 1,000 mph; I would run myself into the ground with work and then be so crushed when I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia... It was a completely unsustainable way of living. I had been practicing Yoga on and off since age 15, but never found the rhythm of a routine. It wasn't until I came across inversions, and arm balances four years ago, that I realized yoga could be somewhat challenging. I was hooked. What I love about the practice is what a perfect mirror it is to life: where it began with me wanting the difficulty of a pose, it's now evolved into a much more meditative constantly changes and grows, which I love. Like life, it's always developing into something even more beautiful.

In the four years since adopting a daily practice, I've been sick one time, found a new passion, and started teaching. 

Currently, I travel around the world moving every 6-12 weeks, teaching SUP Yoga wherever my travels take me. My lifestyle requires activewear that is durable and fashion forward. What I love most about Tonic is that I can teach in NYC and look just as seamless in Tonic in Hawaii; it's geographically-fluid. I'm so incredibly humbled and overjoyed to be part of the Tonic family, of whose commitment of sourcing/producing locally, and using environmentally friendly materials aligns with my consumer- conscious values. 

In my free time I love to surf, SUP, and Yoga. I'm an avid explorer wherever I go; you can find me in my Tonic Threads on Instagram at @rock3roll

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