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Belgium - Career High 105

Maryna Zanevska

Maryna’s love of tennis started when she was just eight. Growing up in Odessa, her parents supported her and encouraged her to explore various sports. She learned gymnastics a young age and fell in love with tennis shortly after. Maryna has had many mentors who have helped her game, from her first coach Victoria Ducheva to her current coaches Julien Hoferlin and Philippe Dehaes.

Her favourite things about being a professional tennis player is the emotion she feels warming up for a match, the adrenaline she gets while hitting the ball on the court, and the cool down after a match. The whole experience is a whirlwind of feeling that nothing can compare to.

During days off, spending time with friends and family is a priority. She fills the time with movies, shopping, and dancing when she’s not thinking about the next match. Photography and modeling are also interests of hers and when she’s visiting her favourite cities, Vancouver, New York, Barcelona, and Odessa, you can see her snapping away.

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