Sandra Gin

teacher, yogi, handstand artist   

Sandra Gin

I am a passionate teacher and student of yoga. 

A native Vancouverite, I grew up competing in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. As an adult, I practiced Crossfit and Bikram yoga until tearing my Achilles’ tendon in 2013. I then found the healing and spiritual benefits of vinyasa-based yoga, and yoga began to figure more prominently in my life. By the summer of 2014, I knew that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, and had the pleasure of learning from Kristen Campbell at YYoga in Vancouver. Now a part-time yoga teacher, my classes are a combination of powerful strength building, creative sequencing and nourishing soul-seeking. I am also really, really interested in the art of hand-standing and spend a good amount of time upside-down every day.

When I am not practicing yoga, I teach English full-time at an all-boys high school in Vancouver. My love of literature also led me to complete my Masters in English with a specialization in Shakespearean drama. I believe that yoga and literature complement one another particularly well; both explore the depth of emotion and create poetry from a sequence—through physical movement or the arrangement of words.

At school, I also have the honour of teaching yoga to high school students twice a week. These classes are a highlight of my week. It is a marvel to witness teenagers coming to yoga for the first time, dedicating themselves to an hour-long practice where they cultivate both strength and stillness.

I have a deep love for Vancouver and am thrilled to be standing behind a local brand that I believe in. I can’t wait to share more of my Tonic journey through my travels abroad and in my home practice. Namaste!