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stylist, traveller, mom to teacup poodles

Tamara Waterston

A Texas native, I followed my heart and love of my life to make a home in the beautiful state of Minnesota, I am a business owner, blogger, fashion lover, traveler, home decorator, mom to two adorable teacup poodles, and a wife. I am the current owner and president of an online sympathy flower store. I feel that through our products we are able to reach people by bringing beauty and joy at a time of sadness through the gift of flowers. We launched our business in early 2014 and I love the ingenuity and the business aspect of holding the creative control. I have learned more in the past months from our successes and our failures, and I am constantly trying to cultivate our business and expand our footprint in Minnesota.

Outside of the office you will find me behind my computer blogging about the splendor this world has to offer. My blog has become my sounding board, a place where I can express what is on my heart, share my inspiration, travels, style and give others a window into my heart. I live an active and demanding lifestyle, so I am always finding ways to try and relax, unwind, and unplug. I believe that the heart and the mind are deeply connected and the energy we put out in the universe is the energy we will receive back. Walking the lakes in Minnesota, swimming, biking, jogging, along with taking baths, baking, and reading are all ways that I like to be active and also unwind.

I am honored to be representing Tonic, an attractive and fashion oriented lifestyle brand. I personally connect with the lifestyle pieces from Tonic. Increasing my relaxed wardrobe is high on my priority list. My day to day lifestyle doesn’t allow for pencil skirts and stilettos, so while I am making deliveries, buying flowers, or running orders around town, wearing something that is not only comfortable but still allows me to express who I am, is of high importance.

XO Tamara Waterston

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