Will Dean

competitor, olympian, fermenting fanatic

Will Dean

As an Olympian and current member of Canada’s national rowing team, I practice seven days a week through wind, rain, and snow. The competition is fierce and we train relentlessly. I am passionate about yoga because it balances out this physicality and aggression. For me, yoga is the yin to the yang of rowing. It is where I breathe out stress and breathe in inspiration.

I first came to yoga as a young collegiate athlete at the University of California, Berkeley. I needed to improve my flexibility, and yoga seemed like the best place to do that. After eight years my lotus pose still needs work, but regular practice has helped me stay flexible and strong as I compete for Canada on the international stage. Beyond the physical benefits of yoga, I have come to deeply appreciate its ability to both keep me focused and help me relax. And while it’s true that I came to yoga in search of increased athletic performance, I’ve become addicted to how good it makes feel. It’s safe to say that you’ll find me doing vinyasa flows and “omm-ing” to myself long after I’ve retired.

Off the lake and outside the yoga studio you’ll often find me leading fermentation workshops. I’m fascinated by the crazy alchemy of our microbial friends, and enjoy teaching others how easy it is to create their own delicious probiotic, fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi) and drinks (kombucha, ginger beer). My kitchen often looks like a science lab replete with various foods bubbling in mason jars and crocks!

I’m proud to represent Tonic because they are that rare company that talks the talk and walks the walk. I love that Tonic apparel is made with ethical, environmentally-sustainable practices in Vancouver, BC. Beyond that, all of their clothes are incredibly well-made. As a high-performance athlete I ask a lot of my clothes, and after 3 years my favourite pair of Tonic shorts look brand new. Simply put, Tonic makes quality apparel that, in my humble opinion, looks really, really good.

Find me online at www.willjdean.com or @will13dean