10 Minute Morning

Today's blog post is written by our wonderful new Tonic Tribe member, Hannah Haller. Welcome to the Tonic Family, Hannah!

In the morning I am very tight, like many of us are, so I move into my practice very mindfully, warming up my body from the inside out. Being comfortable is key here and that's why I throw on my Tonic Threads from the start. Perfect for facilitating my heat building practice! 

girl posing with Vibe Bralette and Gather Short

I start in child's pose, balasana, with my knees splayed wide to the edges of my mat. I relax my forehead to the floor and just check in. I stay here for five minutes focusing on the wave of my breath before gently pushing forward to table top and then slowly lifting my knees off the ground just one inch and holding there for a few breaths before sending my hips upward for downward facing dog. My first down dog of the day has got to be the yummiest. I walk my dog out, shifting weight from one foot to the other, and bending the opposite knee to drop my hip. I push up high onto the balls of my feet and usually get a nice ankle crack there and then place my heels down on the earth to ignite that lovely hamstring stretch. From here I'll move to the top of my mat by tip toeing up between my hands and again creating length in my hamstrings. Rag doll or Uttanasana awaits.

girl posing with Vibe Bralette and Gather Short

With my ankles stacked underneath my hips I bend deeply into my knees for some space in my low back and lay my torso over the tops of my thighs. My hands hang heavy to the ground or I knit my fingers behind my head for a sweet neck release. Rooting down all four corners of my feet I begin my rise with the crown of my head skyward. Gazing to my outstretched fingertips I imagine the day ahead of me and what I hope to bring into this opportunity for growth. 

girl posing with Vibe Bralette and Gather Short

Even if you only have 10 minutes each morning, that's 10 more minutes to get aligned with your higher self. 10 minutes to check in and feel any locations that may be irritated, tight, or problematic. Those areas are where you send your breath. They are exterior manifestations or interior ailments that need attention. Give yourself the love you deserve and take that time to focus on you! 


Hannah is featured in the Gather Short in Mandala and the Vibe Bralette in Rosebud. 
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