Martina Hingis and Tonic Active

It's been 20 years since Martina Hingis claimed her first US Open title. Today, she is part of the number one doubles team, having already claimed 7 titles in 2017 with partner YungJan Chan. Martina is also one half of a top mixed doubles team with Jaime Murray, who as a new pair, won the 2017 Wimbledon title and 2017 US Open title. That makes a whopping 25 career Grand Slam titles for Hingis.

We are all in awe of how Martina manages to stay in the top tennis rankings, all the while looking effortlessly fabulous. We were able to pull Martina away from her packed schedule to find out how she stays in such great shape, what she does in her down time, and what her favorite tennis-fashion picks of the season are.

Tonic Active interview with Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis Tonic Active Interview

Tonic Active interviews tennis legend and fashion collaborator, Martina Hingis

How often do you train before a big tournament?

Every day, tennis for 2 hours and between 1 or 2 hours of gym or fitness

Nutrition must be a big part of your health plan during the season. What is your go-to healthy meal right now?

Swiss chocolate!!! Hahaha…I don’t really follow a strict diet since I work out quite a bit, so as long as it’s done in moderation, I allow myself to eat what I want. Only on lazy days, which are few and far in between, I’ll be a little more careful.

You have had quite the success in both single and doubles – what do you prefer to play?

Well, they’re both satisfying in their own terms. Singles is a lot more physical and mentally challenging because you’re literally all by yourself out there. In doubles, it’s nice, because you have a sense of comradery with your partner and have someone who always has your back.

It’s clear that fashion is important to you. Do you prefer to wear skorts, dresses or leggings when training?

When training, I prefer to wear shorts or leggings because they give me the freedom of movement and are very comfortable.

What is your top fashion pick for this season on the court?

The Breeze Skort and the Siega Tank are my personal favorites. I love the subtle Kaleidoscope print. It’s my favorite part of this collection!

Martina Hingis Tonic Active Interview Breeze Skort

Martina Hingis in the Tonic Active "Siega Tank" and "Breeze Skort" at the 2017 US Open.

Favorite styles off the court?

I like prints, fun colors, things that look a little bit different and stand out, but are also quite feminine. I am also a huge fan of comfort!

You train hard, but everyone needs some R&R! What can we find you doing on a Friday night off?

It all depends on whether I am at a tournament or not. I’m currently watching a few shows on Netflix, but if I am not in the middle of a tournament, I enjoy going out to listen to live music or a nice dinner with friends.

Martina Hingis Tonic Active Interview

No 1 doubles team - Hingis and Chan - at the 2017 US Open

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