3 Tips for a Healthy Fall Season

Today's blog post is written by our wonderful Tonic Tribe member, Molly Partridge. Loving your post, Molly!

Before we know it, summer will be officially over!

Every year, I find the transition between summer and fall somewhat challenging. I seem to always go through this lull where my motivation level dwindles a bit and I find excuses to justify it. I am sure many of you go through this too - whether it’s because your kids are heading back to school, you’re back to the books yourself, or just simply struggling to stay motivated because 'bikini body season' is over! 

I thought it may be helpful to share a few tips I use to stay fit during even the busiest of times…

  1. Buy a rebounder! If you’ve never used one before, it’ll change your life, guaranteed! It's a mini trampoline that helps you lose weight and build strength. Rebounding for 20 minutes a day is equivalent to 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise. It keeps your lymph node system healthy, your mind sharp, and your body toned. No matter how busy we are, everyone can find 20 minutes per day to rebound! No excuses! 

  2. Stretch everyday. I personally do yoga for 1 hour and 15 minutes almost everyday. But realistically, sometimes I struggle to find the time! However, as long as I am still stretching for at least 15-20 minutes a day, my body will stay open and warm, ready for a more intense workout when I find the time! Make sure to do some light stretching and at least 3-4 of your favourite yoga postures everyday.

  3. Continue to drink tons of water (I recommend 3 litres per day)! It’s common for our water intake to decrease during the colder months. But if you can keep your body hydrated and continue to filter out any acid buildup, you won’t feel lethargic during the fall and winter months, and this will keep your energy levels up, thus helping you to stay motivated!

These 3 tips are actually quite easy, but it’s up to you to follow through. If you’re not eating well, keeping hydrated and staying fit and strong, it’s impossible to perform at your peak state! So, do yourself a favor- buy a rebounder, stretch everyday, and drink 3 litres of water religiously! 

Wishing you all the best! Stay happy & healthy, and make time for yourself! 

Molly xx 

Molly is featured wearing the Heartbreaker Tank in Black & Black Ciré.

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